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The Bold and the Beautiful

The saga of high fashion glamour, honor, romance, passion, and most importantly, family.

Genre: Drama , Soap

Director: William J. Bell , Lee Phillip Bell

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1987

IMDb: 3.5

Season 1 - The Bold and the Beautiful
"Eric Forrester puts on his latest fashion show. Bill Spencer demands that Ridge stop dating his daughter, Caroline. Det. David Reed questions Brooke Logan about the two men who tried to rape her."
"Eric tells Stephanie their marriage has gone stale. Ridge tells his parents he and Caroline are getting married. Brooke searches through mugshots to find her attackers."
"Beth reassures Katie about her complexion. Stephanie informs a stunned Thorne that his brother Ridge is getting married. Brooke confides in her sisters Katie and Donna about her attack. Caroline introduces Ridge to her father and tells Bill she is marrying Ridge. Bill who knows of Ridge's constant womanizing via Margo tries to hide his rage."
"Dave tells Brooke he wants to use her as bait to catch the rapists. Brooke is worried. Thorne suspects Ridge is marrying Caroline to spite Bill. Eric informs a shocked Margo that Ridge is now engaged. Bill tries to convince Caroline that Ridge is no good for her but she refuses to stop her wedding plans."
"Caroline urges Bill to accept her feeling for Ridge. Brooke tells Dave she will act as a decoy. Though he is reluctant, Dave agrees. Stephanie and Eric have their first meeting with Bill and offer to use their home for the wedding. To lift Katie's spirits, Storm asks Donna to set Katie up with a date. Bill hires a private detective to uncover Ridge's indiscretions and to stop his daughter from marriage."
"Dave proposes to Brooke but she asks for time to think about it. Bill pressures Margo to tell him about Ridge but she refuses. Storm and Dave argue about using Brooke as a decoy. Eric confronts Ridge about whether or not he loves Caroline."
"Stephanie calls her daughter Kristen in New York. Kristen tells Stephanie she won't be able to attend the wedding. Donna meets Rocco at the library and convinces the young hipster to ask Katie out. Katie is overjoyed when Rocco calls. Thorne meets Caroline and feels initially attracted to her. Meanwhile, Stephanie gets a suspicious phone call."
"Stephanie believes Eric and Margo are having an affair. Rocco arrives for his date at the Logan house but is disappointed in Katie's looks. Eric and Stephanie argue about their absent daughter - who Stephanie chastises as having an unhealthy proximity to Eric - as Caroline convinces Kristen to come to the wedding."
"Ridge receives a call from his old flame Alex Simpnson who convinces him to go out on date upon her return to Los Angeles. Caroline talks Bill into giving Ridge a chance. Bill then unsuccessfully tries to reach Conway Weston. He leaves a message to call off the investigation on the P.I.'s answering machine. An overjoyed Katie returns home from her date with Rocco. Brooke isn't ready to marry Dave just yet."
"Eric urges Stephanie to come clean with Kristen. Caroline daydreams about her wedding. Ridge manages to have Thorne cover for him at Forrester Creations and takes off the Caf\u00e9 Russe where he meets Alex. Alex gets Ridge to reminisce about all the good times they had together. Conway gets the message that Bill called off the investigation but proceeds: He breaks into a hotel suite and takes pictures of Alex and Ridge making love."
"Thorne finds Caroline having a first fit in her wedding dress. Bill tells Margo to confess all about her relationship with Ridge or to drop the subject. Storm reads aloud about the upcoming Forrester wedding. Beth pauses and wonders if Eric - who she seems to know - remembers her. Ridge is worried about Conway's picture. Thorne confronts Ridge about his late-night disappearance but Ridge doesn't tell him about Alex. P.I. Weston fails to get a hold of Bill to inform about his coup."
"Kristen arrives in L.A. and meets with Caroline. Alex approaches Ridge again but he tells her he only loves Caroline and is worried he will lose her because of the picture. Later, Bill tells Ridge he now accepts his relationship with his daughter. Brooke tells Storm how much she envies Caroline's wedding. She is still undecided about Dave's proposal. Conway gives Bill the picture."
"Caroline and Kristen get along fabulous and she asks her future sister-in-law to be her matron of honor. Bill is furious when he sees the picture of Ridge and Alex. Ridge and Caroline have a press conference about the wedding where he confesses his love. After a long time away, Kristen returns to the Forrester mansion where she runs into her mother. Their conversation is as icy as ever. Bill shows the picture to Margo and asks her what to do."
"Eric is glad to have his daughter Kristen back in town. Brooke continues to be amazed by the Forrester wedding. This prompts Beth to tell her daughter that she knew Eric Forrester in college. Bill's dinner party for the newly engaged couple begins. Margo can hardly hold Bill who is raging mad back. Eric and Stephanie wonder how well Margo knows Bill. Dave and Brooke have a romantic dinner. Brooke is angry when Dave admits Storm talked him out of the decoy plan. Bill tells Ridge he wants to speak to him after the party."
"Donna realizes Katie is upset that Rocco hasn't called her and convinces him to ask her out again. Bill confronts Ridge with the picture. Ridge tells Bill it was a mistake but Bill wants the wedding called off immediately!"
"Ridge confesses to Thorne his indiscretion but maintains that he loves Caroline. After some soul-searching Ridge decides not to tell Caroline anything. Donna informs Beth about Rocco's true interest in Katie. Later, Rocco tells Donna he wants to date her not Katie."
"Stephanie argues with Kristen about her love life. Brooke and Storm worry about their grandmother living alone at her high age. Kristen and Caroline continue to bond. Storm tries to convince Grandma Logan to move in with the rest of the family. Ridge informs Bill he will have to tell Caroline the sordid truth himself because he refuses to hurt her."
"The big day has arrived: Ridge and Caroline have a trial ceremony where the Minister is surprised that the father of the bride is not present. Bill is still at his apartment and ponders his next move with Margo. Meanwhile Ridge says to Thorne that he hopes Bill won't tell Caroline about Alex. Caroline is thrilled about the wedding. When Bill finally arrives at the Forrester Mansion, he goes to straight to Caroline and informs her that there is something important he has to tell her."
"Ridge rushes Caroline to the hospital. Though Dr. Adams informs the waiting family that Caroline is fine physically but very much torn up, so he had to give her a sedative. Rocco comes to the Logan house see Donna but is caught by Katie. Margo is shocked that Bill told his daughter about Ridge's indiscretion. Ridge and Thorne learn the same via Kristen who mentions that Bill spoke to Caroline just before she collapsed."
"Brooke acts as a decoy but the plan traps the wrong men. Kristen tells Bill that she doubts that the excitement of the wedding caused Caroline's collapse. Meanwhile Brooke and Donna read about the wedding in the paper and decide to go to the hospital to get in on the tumultuous events regarding the Forresters and Spencers. Bill lets Ridge know that it is over between him and his daughter. Caroline wakes up and begins to cry. Thorne comforts her."
"Donna is having second thoughts about going to the hospital to see a woman they never met before. Brooke however is certain that it is a chance for them to feel a brisk of the life of the rich and famous. Eric asks Kristen to stay in town. Due to hostility with Stephanie Kristen refuses. Thorne begs Caroline to give Ridge another chance. Stephanie and Eric wonder about what caused Caroline to collapse. Brooke actually walks into Caroline's room and the two woman have a friendly chat."
"Caroline tells Bill that she won't forgive him for his cruelty. She plans to turn her life around and become independent. Hence she is moving out.The wedding is canceled indefinitely. Stephanie is deep in thoughts and ponders to tell Ridge a huge secret. Ridge decides to talk to Caroline but is devastated to find her gone. An argument as to who is responsible ensues but most importantly Bill and Ridge wonder where Caroline went.Caroline rents her own apartment."
"Storm is catching up with his old flame Alex at Caf\u00e9 Russe. Brooke is having a romantic dinner with Dave but is taken aback when he gives her an engagement ring. Katie and Donna make dinner for Rocco. When Katie leaves the room, Rocco tries to kiss Donna. She likes it despite her efforts not to."
"Kristen is annoyed when she comes down to breakfast and gets grilled for information by Ridge and Stephanie. Kristen tells them that she hasn't heard from Caroline. Kristen later calls Caroline and wonders if it may be better for her to come home as everybody is concerned about her. Rocco is working at Griffey's when Donna walks in with her friend Mark Mallory. When she notices Rocco watching her, Donna grabs Mark and kisses him. Rocco sees right through Donna's game and later kisses Katie in front of Donna to get his own back. Donna is angry and tells Rocco to leave both her and Katie alone. Rocco wonders why they are both playing games when they both obviously just want to be with one another."
"Caroline isn't happy that Ridge has found her and she asks him to leave. Ridge tells her that they need to talk and he has Kristen leave. Ridge apologises for hurting Caroline and promises never to do it again. He tells Caroline that he loves her and he begs for another chance. Caroline refuses to be hurt again and tells Ridge that she doesn't want to marry him. Kristen chats with Thorne about Ridge and Caroline. Thorne thinks that Ridge doesn't really deserve Caroline's forgiveness, but Kristen believes that they both really love one another. Kristen says that Ridge made a mistake and realised that Caroline was the only woman for him."
"Kristen goes home and informs Eric and Stephanie that Ridge is with Caroline. They all agree that things seem positive and that there still may be a wedding. Ridge calls and shatters that illusion by telling them that Caroline doesn't want him. Kristen feels therefore that it's time for her to return to New York, but Eric asks her to stay. Kristen is unsure and tells Stephanie that they will never get along, but Stephanie says that she would like to try. Margo offers Bill some support in his hour of need. He tells Margo how much he wants Caroline home. Bill later kisses Margo. Bill is concerned when a police offer brings by Caroline's purse, having found it in a park. Ridge tells Bill that Caroline is safe but refuses to tell him where she is. Thorne feels that Ridge should now give Caroline some space, but he is determined to win her back."
"Brooke finds that Storm is in a foul mood. He reminds Brooke that it has been seven years to the day that their father walked out on them. Beth comes home and they have dinner together as Storm insults their father. Beth leaves to go speak with Stephen's mother Helen. Helen blames Beth for Stephen's disappearance and tells Beth to acknowledge that it is her fault. Eric orders Stephanie to make more of an effort with Kristen as her fears she will leave town again. Eric later apologises and tries to get Stephanie to open up about her issues with Kristen. Thorne meets with Kristen and learns that Caroline was mugged. Thorne asks Kristen where Caroline is as he needs to speak with her."
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Season 5 - The Bold and the Beautiful
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Season 28 - The Bold and the Beautiful
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Season 29 - The Bold and the Beautiful
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Season 30 - The Bold and the Beautiful
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Season 32 - The Bold and the Beautiful
"Brooke reacts to Bill\u2019s sudden and unexpected kiss; Thorne announces his and Katie\u2019s engagement to the Forrester family."
"Steffy and Sally share a surprising up-close and personal moment with Xander; the news of Thorne and Katie\u2019s engagement fuels Bill\u2019s fire to fight for his son."
"Hope and Steffy\u2019s difference of opinion regarding Sally quickly turns into a full-blown argument about loyalty and life lessons; Zoe gets flirtatious with Xander after he explains the story behind Steffy and Sally hiring him to model."
"Following a heated exchange, Bill and Ridge each take next steps to ensure the custody battle ends in their favor; Liam and Wyatt consider their relationship with Bill and debate whether he deserves to win custody of their brother Will."
"As Justin and Bill plan their legal strategy, Thorne reveals a new strategy of his own to Katie; while Brooke worries about secretly meeting with Bill, Ridge holds his own secret meeting with Judge McMullen."
"Unbeknownst to Brooke, Ridge pressures Judge McMullen to rule in favor of Katie; realizing he must take matters into his own hands, Bill pays an unexpected visit to Katie."
"Excited to become a family before their court date, Katie and Thorne walk down the aisle to say \u201cI do\u201d; Justin becomes concerned that Bill will do something irrational on Katie\u2019s wedding day"
"Husbands, wives, siblings and lovers find themselves on opposite sides of Bill and Katie\u2019s custody battle; Bill pleads his case to Wyatt and Liam before making a last-ditch attempt to guilt Liam into taking his side."
"Bill\u2019s previous misdeeds are brought up and re-lived before being used against him in court; Brooke and Wyatt worry about Katie\u2019s reaction when they take the stand in Bill\u2019s defense."
"Hope and Steffy share a rare moment of agreement and respect; the prosecution and the defense give closing statements in the Logan vs. Spencer custody case."
"Judge McMullen feels the pressure of Ridge\u2019s \u201cblackmail\u201d as he begins his ruling in Spencer vs. Spencer; Katie and Bill agree to break the news of the court\u2019s ruling to their son, Will, together."
"Emma feels jealous and hurt when Zoe and Xander pose seductively in Sally\u2019s newest designs for the Intimates line; as Liam and Bill begin to heal their relationship, Bill shares a touching moment with baby Kelly."
"Sally celebrates the success of her first photo shoot by modeling a private showing for Wyatt; Emma receives relationship advice and a warning about not allowing the past to repeat itself."
"Brooke confronts Judge McMullen after finding shocking evidence of Ridge\u2019s undue influence; Ridge smirks triumphantly when Bill suggests that he and Brooke give him a substantial favor."
"Bill, Katie and Will share a heartfelt moment when Bill vows to be the best dad possible; Brooke makes a crafty move to get Judge McMullen to tell the truth about Ridge\u2019s involvement in Katie and Bill\u2019s custody case."
"Brooke puts Ridge on blast after learning the truth about his manipulation of Judge McMullen; Katie becomes affected while witnessing Bill\u2019s genuine devotion toward Will."
"Ridge gets uncomfortable when Steffy questions the reason behind his intense conflict with Brooke; Brooke feels guilty harboring from Bill the secret of Ridge\u2019s involvement in Will\u2019s custody case."
"Steffy is shocked when she witnesses an intimate moment between Brooke and Bill; Katie reels when Brooke reveals how Ridge exacted a cruel revenge on Bill Spencer."
"Wyatt worries when Quinn has an unexpected reaction to the news of his new job; Ridge\u2019s world is turned upside down when Steffy makes a serious claim against Brooke."
"Armed with knowledge she cannot share, Katie makes a gracious overture to Bill; Brooke and Ridge\u2019s marriage is on the brink of collapse as they accuse each other of betrayal and duplicity."
"Bill receives another blow when Wyatt reveals that he\u2019s accepted a new job; Brooke begs Ridge not to let recent events come between them and their love."
"Stunned at the news Steffy gave her, Hope confronts Brooke about kissing Bill; Thorne questions Katie about her sudden change of heart concerning the custody hearing."
"Charlie makes a \u201csweet\u201d proposal of marriage to Pam in the Forrester kitchen; as Brooke runs into Bill at Il Giardino, Ridge and Thorne get riled up about Bill\u2019s interference in their lives."
"Pam becomes concerned when a livid Ridge asks her to track down Bill\u2019s whereabouts; Brooke makes a peace offering to Steffy before voicing her concerns about Ridge\u2019s anger toward Bill."
"Liam and Hope share a loving moment when they learn the gender of their unborn child; Ridge and Thorne\u2019s heated confrontation with Bill quickly turns into a down and dirty brawl."
"Bill\u2019s life hangs in the balance as a result of his encounter with Ridge and Thorne; Pam threatens Quinn to not ruin her wedding when Quinn makes a dig at Pam\u2019s unstable past."
"Ridge and Thorne defend themselves to Brooke and Katie about their involvement in Bill\u2019s fall; Danny introduces Quinn to Tyler and Brett, who have brought gifts for her to Forrester Creations."
"While Liam talks to his unconscious father, Det. Sanchez questions Ridge and Thorne; Quinn steps into trouble when Pam escalates their argument over Stephanie\u2019s portrait."
"Eric confronts his own feelings when he is forced to referee between Pam and Quinn; Thorne sneaks into Bill\u2019s hospital room after Katie asks him what he will tell Will if Bill dies."
"Brooke is stunned when Bill asks her to remove a significant part of his past; Eric finds himself at odds with Quinn when she becomes unyielding in her denial of Pam\u2019s request to marry in their home."
"Donna and Eric find themselves in an unexpected, but surprisingly familiar, situation; Ridge is shocked when Bill makes an unexpected statement to Det. Sanchez about the fight that landed him in the hospital."
"Pam reflects back on her relationship with Stephanie and her mother, Ann; Ridge expresses his anger over Bill\u2019s continued overtures to Brooke by destroying a memento Bill gave her."
"A tense situation turns into threats and accusations when Ridge confronts Bill about going after his wife; Eric walks in on heated standoff between Quinn and Pam and two portraits."
"Eric, Ridge, Brooke, Thorne, Katie and Donna meet up for dinner, which makes Quinn feel like the odd woman out. Leo, a long-time buyer at Forrester, gets a sneak peek at the Intimates collection courtesy of Steffy when Sam Myerson appears on Bold and the Beautiful."
"Bill learns that Justin has uncovered interesting information about Ridge and Judge McMullen; Quinn eavesdrops as Eric and Donna reminisce about their past over a bottle of honey bear."
"Brooke is taken aback when Bill grills her about possible foul play in his custody case with Katie; Donna gives as good as she gets when confronted by Quinn about her intentions with Eric."
"Brooke is conflicted between doing what\u2019s right for Bill and being loyal to her husband, Ridge; working on behind-the-scenes photos during fashion-show prep, Emma spies Zoe and Xander flirting from a distance."
"Clearly worried about who knows the truth, Ridge begs Brooke to stay away from Bill; Steffy shines as she models the showstopper in the first official Intimates fashion show."
"Emma takes a big leap in a new direction when Xander asks her to move forward in their relationship; Bill hires an expert to embark on a fact-finding mission to bring down Ridge Forrester."
"Bill makes the ultimate power play and sets up Ridge and Judge McMullen for the win; Quinn and Pam\u2019s highly charged conflict quickly escalates to a whole new level."
"Having been duped by Bill, Ridge anxiously awaits to learn his fate; Pam makes a suggestion to Eric regarding Donna, and she knows will cause Quinn distress."
"Ridge, Brooke, Katie and Thorne are horrified to learn that Bill has Ridge in the palm of his hand; Pam makes amends to Donna as the two reminisce about their past."
"Brooke makes an emotional plea to Bill about his next move; the Spencer brothers, Liam, Wyatt and Will, spend time together."
"Bill shares with Brooke his regret over the past and makes a promise to her about his future; Ridge discloses his opinion about Bill\u2019s motives to Liam, Wyatt, Katie and Thorne."
"Ridge argues with Brooke that Bill\u2019s good-guy routine is only a ruse to win her back; Bill informs his sons about his decision regarding their legacy."
"Steffy makes a confession to Liam and Hope about the upcoming holidays; Katie waits until Thorne is at work before meeting with Bill to discuss Will."
"Quinn gets protective of Eric when Donna arrives at the Forrester estate for the holiday; the Forresters, Logans, Spencers, Avants and Spectras put their past and current grievances aside and gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving."
"Taylor becomes fearful Bill may turn her in to the police after remembering the night she shot him; Liam and Brooke discuss Bill\u2019s change of character, and Liam notes Brooke\u2019s unprecedented faith in him."
"Liam and Steffy disagree about Taylor\u2019s stability and her role in baby Kelly\u2019s life; unhappy with her daughter\u2019s situation, Taylor calls out Hope for stealing Steffy\u2019s office and her husband."
"Liam takes Taylor to task after walking in on her berating a pregnant Hope; stunned that Taylor confronted him, Bill lets Steffy know that her mother is testing his patience."
"Hope is shocked and concerned when Liam divulges to her that Taylor is the one who shot Bill; Taylor accuses Brooke of bullying Steffy and promises not to let history repeat itself with Steffy and Hope."
"Dr. Reese Buckingham arrives in Los Angeles from London, much to the irritation of his daughter, Zoe; Taylor tells Liam and Steffy about her confrontation with Hope and Brooke, and Hope decides she needs to protect Brooke the only way she knows how."
"Hope discloses Taylor\u2019s terrible secret to a stunned Brooke; Liam attempts to convince Bill that Taylor remains a threat to their family\u2019s safety."
"Pam reiterates to Donna that she must oust Quinn from Eric\u2019s life; Brooke angrily confronts Taylor about her past, present and future behavior."
"Ridge and Brooke disagree about whether Bill or Taylor is the more dangerous than the other; Reese and Taylor hit it off when they meet at Steffy\u2019s party for her staff."
"Hope and Liam discuss their intertwined family and Taylor\u2019s stability around the baby; Taylor leans on Ridge and Steffy in an emotional moment and reveals her deepest fears."
"Zoe shares her concern over Reese\u2019s infatuation with Taylor to Xander; Liam and Steffy fight over whether Taylor is fit to be alone with baby Kelly."
"Taylor vents to Reese about Brooke, who shows his support by giving her a kiss; Steffy becomes anxious that everyone in her life is against her mother."
"Brooke and Hope clash over whether they should tell Katie and Donna about Taylor; Zoe and Xander\u2019s intimate moment is interrupted first by Tiffany, and then by Reese."
"Brooke is alarmed to find Taylor alone with Kelly and to learn about her new living arrangement; Steffy reminisces about Phoebe with Taylor and shares how her own sister plays into her current relationship with Hope."
"Wyatt and Sally do yoga together and discuss the \u201cL\u201d word: love; things go downhill quickly when Liam attempts to referee an argument between Hope and Steffy."
"Wyatt and Sally do yoga together and discuss the \u201cL\u201d word\u2026. LOVE. Things go downhill quickly when Liam attempts to referee an argument between Hope and Steffy."
"On opposite sides of the fence regarding Taylor, Hope confronts Liam asking if he would prefer to be a family with Kelly and Steffy. Bill confesses his motivation for becoming a changed man to Brooke."
"Brooke and Hope become upset when Liam defends Taylor by using Brooke\u2019s past against her. Taylor confronts Brooke about her and Hope forcing Steffy to choose between her daughter and Taylor."
"Taylor is moved, and Brooke is stunned, when Reese steps in and demands that Brooke apologize. Upon her return from Paris, Maya gets combative with Zoe and delivers bad news to Brooke."
"Taylor is moved, and Brooke is stunned, when Reese steps in and demands that Brooke apologize. Upon her return from Paris, Maya gets combative with Zoe and delivers bad news to Brooke."
"Liam and Hope make a significant request of Maya. Reese must keep his cool while trying to avoid a mysterious stranger at Il Giardino."
"The Forresters, Logans, Avants and Spencers spend Christmas Eve together at the Forrester Estate. The family celebrates baby Kelly\u2019s first Christmas; Hope and Liam announce the name they will give their daughter; the Logan sisters save Pam and Charlie\u2019s Christmas dinner; and at Ridge\u2019s request each person expresses their blessings to one another. With hearts full of love and gratitude, Xander carries on a Forrester tradition and Eric reminds every one of the true meaning of Christmas."
"Ridge gives Steffy a present to give to Taylor as they sort through baby Kelly\u2019s first Christmas gifts. Hope surprises Liam with a \u201cbabymoon\u201d vacation on Catalina Island."
"A mysterious stranger from Reese\u2019s past makes a serious threat to Zoe\u2019s safety. Separated from Liam who went to check on baby Kelly, Hope arrives at the airport where she meets Matt and Kieran."
"Ridge makes a new year\u2019s resolution to Brooke about putting her, and their marriage, first. Hope makes it to Catalina Island as a frantic Liam gets grounded in Los Angeles."
"Wyatt pays Bill a visit, Dr. Buckingham gets a new patient, and Hope becomes frightened as the power goes out."
"Liam races to Catalina Island, Reese receives a threat regarding Zoe, and Bill visits Forrester Creations."
"Bill, Ridge, and Brooke work to get to Hope, and Liam arrives on Catalina Island to devastating circumstances."
"Brooke, Ridge, and Bill arrive at the clinic, Liam pushes for answers, Hope and Liam say goodbye to Beth."
"Hope and Liam return home, Ridge breaks bad news, and Reese runs into the thug."
"Zoe worries about her father, Reese calls Taylor for help, and Liam and Hope's family gathers to mourn Beth."
"Donna and Katie are there for Brooke, Hope may take Steffy up on her offer, and Zoe worries about her dad."
"Taylor urges Reese to open up, Ridge wants Bill to respect his marriage, and Brooke comforts a heartbroken Hope."
"Taylor meets a woman named Florence, Brooke supports Hope, and Liam visits Steffy and Kelly."
"Florence senses Reese is in trouble, Xander falls harder for Zoe, and Steffy gets stunning news."
"Reese reassures Florence, Wyatt wants to help his brother, and Will impresses Bill."
"Will invites his dad to dinner, Wyatt and Hope discuss the past, and Sally's plan worries Wyatt."
"Hope lashes out, Wyatt reassures Sally, and Thorne notices the closeness between Katie and Bill."
"Wyatt and Sally count their blessings, Thorne remarks on the new, improved Bill, and Liam tries to be strong for Hope."
"Brooke is unable to comfort Hope, Reese pushes Taylor on the adoption, and Steffy worries about timing."
"Reese convinces Flo to keep helping him, Wyatt learns Steffy's considering adoption, and Hope apologizes to Liam."
"Steffy feels a connection to the baby, Wyatt asks Liam his feelings on the adoption, and Reese is pleased at Florence's update."
"Taylor pays Reese, Zoe's in danger, and Steffy calls Liam over to the house."
"Liam warms to the adoption plan, Steffy reveals what she'll name the baby, and Pam, Maya, Quinn, and Eric reflect on Hope and Liam's loss."
"Liam tells Hope about the adoption, Florence worries about being an accomplice, and Carter helps Steffy take the next step."
"Taylor waits for word from Steffy, Florence and Steffy sign off on the adoption, and Hope questions Reese about Beth's death."
"Ridge updates Hope, Liam and Brooke on the adoption, Reese pays off his debt, and Taylor surprises Steffy."
"Brooke makes a suggestion to Hope, Reese pays Florence, and Liam misses Beth."
"Brooke worries about Hope, Taylor sees Reese one last time, and Hope bonds with the baby."
"Eric has good news for Hope, Ridge questions the speed of the adoption, and Zoe encounters Florence."
"Hope has a difficult time at work, Brooke meets the baby, and Zoe questions Florence."
"Brooke, Donna, and Katie visit Hope, Liam expresses his guilt, and Zoe updates Xander on Florence."
"Hope makes a request of Liam, Steffy and Liam grow concerned, and Florence finds herself in a difficult position."
"Zoe demands answers, Steffy and Liam express concern to Hope, and Wyatt supports Sally."
"Florence refuses to answer more questions, Zoe updates Xander, and Brooke and Ridge try to help Hope."
"Sally and Wyatt try to help Hope, Hope makes an admission, and Zoe learns Reese switched the babies."
"Sally and Wyatt celebrate Valentine's Day, Thorne breaks sad news to Will, and Liam tries to cheer Hope."
"Bill focuses on getting his sons back in his life, Wyatt learns Katie and Thorne split up, and Hope visits Steffy."
"Reese attempts to silence a furious Zoe from spilling the truth that Hope\u2019s baby is alive. Wyatt shares with Bill, and Katie shares with Brooke and Donna, the real reason that Thorne left town."
"Flo and Reese panic when they realize that Zoe is about to tell Steffy their secret. Bill attempts to prove his loyalty to Wyatt by making him an offer that\u2019s hard to refuse."
"Sally reels upon hearing of Bill\u2019s offer to Wyatt, and is moved when she learns of Wyatt\u2019s counter-offer."
"Wyatt demands Bill resurrect Spectra Fashions, Justin flirts with Donna, and Brooke expresses concern to Hope. Brooke worries about Hope\u2019s agenda in pushing Liam to spend time with Steffy and the girls. Bill makes Katie and Will a promise about their family."
"Liam and Steffy express their concern about Hope\u2019s growing obsession with Phoebe. Wyatt gives Bill an ultimatum."
"Liam and Steffy become seriously concerned about Hope as she pushes them to be together.\n\nWyatt\u2019s thrilled after striking a deal with his father."
"Wyatt shares a close moment with Sally while role-playing how they\u2019ll negotiate with Bill.\n\nHope\u2019s grand gesture stuns Liam and Steffy."
"Bill reiterates his dedication to putting his family back together.\n\nQuinn and Eric learn Wyatt and Sally are leaving Forrester Creations."
"Zoe confronts Flo when she finds her working at Bikini Bar.\n\nBill has a curveball for Wyatt and Sally with regard to Spectra Fashions."
"Flo\u2019s rattled after overhearing Hope talking with Katie.\n\nLiam seeks advice from Wyatt."
"Hope is introduced to Florence by Zoe; Wyatt feels Liam should consider Hope\u2019s request regarding Steffy and the girls."
"Flo and Wyatt cross paths and revisit their past; Liam senses something is off after Hope reveals she met Phoebe\u2019s birth mother through Zoe."
"Things heat up between Xander and Zoe; After running into his old acquaintance, Flo, Wyatt invites her to join him, Sally, Hope and Liam for dinner."
"Flo is tempted to come clean with Hope due to her guilty feelings; Taylor weighs in on Liam, Hope, and Steffy\u2019s situation."
"Sally observes, to Wyatt, that Hope and Florence were pregnant at the same time and neither has their baby; Zoe confronts Flo about accepting a dinner invitation to Wyatt\u2019s house and is appalled to learn of their connection."
"Reese tries to convince Zoe and Flo not to reveal the baby switch; Wyatt reiterates his commitment to Sally and her new business."
"Liam and Hope are stunned to learn of Steffy\u2019s future plans; Donna and Justin recruit Sally and Wyatt to help get Bill and Katie back together."
"Taylor thinks Steffy should fight to put her family back together, not for Hope and Liam\u2019s marriage; At Il Giardino, Bill and Katie realize they\u2019ve been set up."
"The Logan and Spencer families welcome home family members Thomas and Douglas; Bill feels guilty about the lie he told Thomas regarding Caroline."
"Ridge and Taylor are glad to have Thomas home as Steffy prepares to leave town; Hope makes a point of connecting with Douglas."
"When the Forresters, Spencers, and Logans gather together to honor a loved one, Taylor and Thomas realize Hope is forming a bond with Douglas."
"Katie and Bill are set up again and realize they\u2019re enjoying the \u2018accidental\u2019 meetings; Taylor kisses Ridge while reliving a moment from her past, but Brooke is watching."
"Taylor confirms she has an ulterior motive while arguing with Brooke; Hope is stunned by Thomas\u2019 revelation about his relationship with Caroline."
"Ridge breaks up the argument between Taylor and Brooke; Wyatt asks Liam some tough questions."
"Ridge asks Sally to stay on at Forrester Creations after seeing her athletic line; Flo is moved at Quinn\u2019s welcome and Wyatt\u2019s request; Florence\u2019s single makes a debut."
"Wyatt makes Quinn apologize to Sally; Sally takes Wyatt off guard with the news she is reconsidering her move to Spencer Publications"
"Katie and Bill find themselves set up on a date again, and share a romantic meal; Brooke\u2019s irritated to learn what Taylor has in mind for their children."
"Bill and Katie want to find out who has been playing cupid for them; Brooke believes Taylor is continuing their long-running rivalry using Hope and Steffy."
"Ridge irks Brooke when he refuses to blame Taylor for wanting what's best for Steffy; Katie and Bill are amused to discover the identity of their cupid."
"Brooke goes to Liam with regard to Taylor's wishes and makes a secret deal with him; Sally disagrees with Quinn on Wyatt's intentions."
"Wyatt supports Flo as she places a call to her mother, Shauna, and asks about her past; Thomas feels a connection with Hope while watching her with Douglas; Denise Richards joins B&B as Florence's single mom from Vegas."
"Shauna and Quinn recall their past and believe their children belong together; Wyatt and Flo find similarities in the situations involving their fathers."
"Quinn is stunned when Shauna reveals a previously unknown connection between them; Flo catches Wyatt off guard with her words and actions."
"Bill makes a startling accusation against Shauna when Quinn presses him for information; Hope introduces Flo to Donna."
"Flo wrestles with her conscience when Hope is adamant they become friends; Wyatt divulges a secret to Bill, Quinn and Shauna."
"Hope interrupts with her own scenario when Flo attempts to tell her the truth about Beth; the Spencer, Logan and Forrester families are forever changed when Flo's secret is revealed."
"Justin has a difficult time getting Bill to focus on Spencer business because his mind is on Flo and Shauna."
"Flo's world is rocked when she learns the true identity of her father; Quinn grills Bill on his past involvement with Shauna in Las Vegas."
"Flo asks Shauna to play along when Hope brings up Flo's daughter Phoebe; Bill comes to a stunning realization about why Quinn is so hard on the women in Wyatt's life."
"Shauna flips out when she learns of the baby-switch drama; Hope and Liam discuss when Steffy should learn the truth about Flo's father."
"Ridge is taken aback by Thomas' revelation regarding his feelings for Hope; Liam fights to overcome over Hope's sadness."
"Liam seeks comfort and relationship advice from Wyatt and Sally; Thomas encourages Hope to have Liam visit Steffy and the girls in Paris."
"Liam sets up a romantic dinner for Hope with the desire to reconnect with his wife; Thomas goes ahead with his plan to make Hope his own."
"Quinn prompts Wyatt to question Sally's loyalty after witnessing a moment between her and Thomas; Hope and Liam make love for the first time since Beth's tragedy."
"Thomas takes his plot to separate Liam and Hope to the next level with help of Amelia; Sally is blindsided by Quinn."
"Zoe has a visibly intense reaction when Brooke innocently shares the news of Flo's father; Bill runs into Shauna at Il Giardino."
"Brooke and Donna convince Katie to give Bill a second chance; Flo and Zoe wrestle with disastrous results as Flo prepares to tell Hope the truth about Beth."
"Shauna holds a terrified Zoe at bay with a stun gun; Thomas uses Liam's trip to Paris to make a subtle move on Hope."
"Hope is haunted by memories of Beth when the lights go out at Forrester; Shauna, Flo and Zoe discuss the pros and cons of keeping their secret."
"Thomas wants Hope to make a decision for Liam; Wyatt surprises Flo with an invitation to dinner and a kiss."
"Xander encourages Zoe to trust him enough to share her troubles; Ridge's kindness intensifies Flo's guilty conscience."
"Douglas becomes the newest pawn in Thomas' scheme to be with Hope; Shauna takes the opportunity to wear a Forrester Original when it presents itself."
"Thomas stuns Hope with an unexpected kiss and an admission of love; Wyatt confronts an emotional Sally about the secrets she's been keeping."
"Wyatt calls Liam in Paris and reveals that Thomas is brainwashing Hope against him; Brooke and Ridge disagree on the best path for their children."
"Sally lays into Thomas for ruining her relationship with Wyatt; Flo becomes concerned when Hope discusses her new found feelings about her marriage."
"Thomas is stunned when Liam returns from Paris and confronts him about his actions; Wyatt informs Flo that Sally moved out because of a secret."
"Quinn expresses pleasure that Sally is out of Wyatt's life forever; Liam rallies to defend his marriage as Thomas expresses that Hope belongs to him."
"Liam fights for his marriage to Hope, while Thomas continues to manipulate to tear them apart; Wyatt and Flo discuss their past and their future."
"Brooke stands by Katie's side as she asks Shauna for a significant favor regarding Bill; Flo and Shauna find themselves with a new and luxurious living arrangement."
"Katie and Shauna put their plan in action to test Bill's loyalty to Katie; Bill surprises Justin with new information about his beloved building."
"Hope calls out Zoe and Flo when she overhears them speaking about baby Beth; Thomas uses Caroline to take his manipulation of Hope up a notch."
"Eric and Quinn welcome Shauna and Flo as they move into the Forrester Mansion; Hope is affected while reading the letter that Caroline wrote before she died."
"Flo is torn between the new life she has now and the terrible secret that she is keeping; Liam and Hope share a poignant moment as their marriage crumbles around them."
"Steffy returns home from Paris to shocking news from Liam; Ridge counsels Thomas; Brooke comforts Hope as they share news about their futures."
"Brooke is stunned to learn Ridge's true feelings about Hope, Liam, Steffy and Thomas; Hope visits Steffy."
"Liam vows to Thomas that Hope may love Douglas but that she will never love him; Hope leaves Steffy speechless with her request to build her future based upon Hope's vision."
"Thomas stuns Hope with a kiss after learning that his scheme involving Caroline has worked; Flo and Wyatt take full advantage of having the Forrester mansion to themselves."
"Hope and Liam share an emotional moment over the life they were supposed to have with Beth; Wyatt and Flo rekindle their romance."
"Liam sets up a romantic dinner for Hope; Flo and Zoe weigh the pros and cons of coming clean when they learn that Hope and Liam are divorcing."
"Steffy confronts Thomas about the true reason he wants Hope in Douglas' life; Xander demands answers from Zoe about Beth."
"Thomas prompts Steffy to remember moments she's had with Liam; Xander and Zoe's relationship is tested when Zoe admits a dark secret."
"Flo feels guilty when she finds out about Hope and Liam's marriage; Ridge plays devil's advocate with Brooke about Hope, Liam and Steffy."
"Thomas pushes back against Carter when he offers Hope advice; Xander argues with Flo and Zoe about doing the right thing."
"Brooke pleads with Hope about her next move; Liam calls out Thomas about his relationships with Hope and Steffy."
"Zoe and Flo realize they are bonded by Reese's sinister deed; Xander demands to speak to Liam and Hope alone."
"Flo shares confidential information with Thomas, who in turn accuses her of being a liar; Hope and Brooke argue about Hope\u2019s choice to annul her marriage to Liam."
"Zoe questions Xander\u2019s devotion; disbelief turns to anger when Thomas realizes that Steffy unwittingly has Hope\u2019s baby."
"Liam accepts Steffy\u2019s offer of moving back in to the Cliff House; Flo begs Zoe to allow the truth to be revealed."
"Thomas has inner conflict about whether he should reveal that Hope\u2019s baby is alive; Wyatt demands answers when he overhears Flo, Xander and Zoe speaking about Beth."
"Ridge worries that his marriage to Brooke will suffer because of their children\u2019s circumstances; Xander, Zoe and Flo are stunned by Thomas' sudden change of heart."
"Hope becomes distraught after losing something close to her heart; Brooke is convinced that Thomas is using Douglas as a pawn in his plan to win Hope."
"Hope is taken aback when Thomas surprises her with a gown and a kiss; Flo and Steffy push back when Wyatt and Liam organize a get-together."
"Xander blows up on Thomas after realizing he\u2019s continuing to manipulate Hope; Flo and Steffy agree that baby Phoebe is a Logan."
"Brooke confronts Thomas about controlling her daughter; Thomas, Zoe and Xander argue amongst themselves."
"Zoe and Xander struggle with being on opposite sides; Thomas\u2019 obsession with Hope spirals out of control; Hope recalls her life with Liam."
"No description"
"Ridge and Brooke's relationship is tested when they find out about an untimely death; Pam gives Brooke a clue about what might have happened before the tragedy."
"Quinn, Eric, , Steffy, and Hope share poignant memories and comfort one another during a difficult time."
"Thomas calls upon Vincent to help him make Hope his own; Brooke and Ridge take opposing viewpoints about Hope's future."
"Thomas panics when Hope calls Phoebe \"Beth\"; Wyatt makes a big life decision."
"Wyatt and Flo celebrate their relationship and their decision to move in together; Thomas drugs Liam and then uses his erratic behavior to his advantage with Hope."
"Liam remembers how he pushed Hope away and pulled Steffy closer; Thomas shares his next plan with Douglas."
"Liam confesses to a heartbroken Hope about his night with Steffy; Steffy calls Thomas out for wanting to end Liam and Hope's relationship."
"Thomas convinces Douglas to propose to Hope as if it were his own idea; Steffy does her best to comfort Liam."
"Douglas asks Hope to marry Thomas and be his new mommy; Xander goes to Charlie for a favor."
"Thomas manipulates Hope into accepting his proposal; Xander pursues evidence against Thomas."
"Zoe shocks Xander by defending Thomas from Xander's accusations; Liam is stunned by Thomas and Hope's engagement."
"Xander confronts Thomas about the murder of Emma; Liam expresses his love for Hope, anticipating she will change her mind."
"Xander issues Zoe an ultimatum, putting their relationship on the line; Brooke does everything she can to keep Hope from marrying Thomas."
"Sally gives Flo some errands so she can be alone with Wyatt; Thomas tricks Hope into moving up the wedding date."
"Ridge makes a large request of Brooke in regards to Thomas; Thomas' trickery of Douglas causes Hope to make a flash decision."
"Liam struggles when Hope announces her updated plans to marry Thomas; Hope and Thomas ask family and friends to be a part of their ceremony."
"Brooke gives Ridge an earful when he calls her out for hating that Thomas is marrying Hope; Liam recalls his best memories with Hope."
"Thomas warns Ridge to tell Brooke to stop interfering in his plans; Hope considers her options."
"Liam and Thomas bicker about why Hope has not yet made her bridal entrance; Zoe panics when Flo drunkenly states that there is still time to stop the wedding and tell the truth about baby Beth."
"Hope contemplates her next move after Phoebe interrupts her vows with Thomas; Liam becomes alarmed after overhearing a private conversation between Thomas and Flo."
"Douglas encourages Hope to spend the night with Thomas; Liam begs Wyatt to help him find out what Thomas and Flo are hiding."
"Wyatt is shocked when Flo accidentally reveals a crucial fact about her past; Brooke comforts Hope who still feels incomplete without her baby."
"Liam has Steffy tell him the story of Phoebe after she finds him looking at her adoption papers; Hope becomes unsettled when Thomas reveals his plans for their staycation."
"Flo reveals to Zoe that Thomas threatened her life; Liam continues to try to put the pieces of the puzzle together."
"DescriptionThomas becomes agitated when Hope waxes on about Douglas on their honeymoon; an unexpected person gives Liam startling information about his daughter."
"Flo panics after learning details of Thomas's dark history from the Logan sisters; Hope unknowingly puts herself in jeopardy by confessing her true feelings for Liam to Thomas."
"Shauna attempts to stop Flo from telling the truth about her misdeed to Wyatt; Liam's world is turned upside down as he starts putting the puzzle pieces together."
"Thomas meets up with Vinny, who has a special wedding gift for him to give Hope; Liam angrily confronts Flo, demanding that she tell them the true story of Phoebe."
"lo is relieved and broken-hearted as she finally comes clean to Liam and Wyatt; Thomas tries to flee and take Hope with him after realizing Liam knows the truth."
"Flo desperately tries to save her relationship with Wyatt. Liam and Thomas\u2019 clash leads to Hope learning Beth is alive."
"Flo tells the truth to Brooke and Ridge. Liam and Hope share an emotional reunion with Beth."
"Brooke turns her rage on Zoe, Flo and Shauna for their deceit. Hope is shocked to learn the extent of the lie about her baby and that Reese and Thomas were involved."
"Liam and Hope break the devastating news to Steffy. Brooke grills Flo, Zoe and Shauna about their cover-up."
"Wyatt tells Sally about Flo\u2019s deceit and apologizes to her; Extremely upset, Steffy can\u2019t believe Phoebe is being taken away from her."
"Once again having opposing views, Brooke is thrilled for Hope, while Ridge feels terrible for Steffy."
"A delusional Thomas considers how he can win Hope back; Thomas\u2019 friend Vinny returns; The Logans embrace their newest member, Beth."
"Liam has a heartwarming moment with Bill, who holds Beth; Brooke and Ridge confront Zoe and Xander with consequences."
"Flo and Shauna sneak into the cabin at Brooke\u2019s to give their side of the story; Brooke, Donna and Katie rebuke Shauna, as Hope lashes out at Flo."
"Shauna is horrified when Ridge ensures Flo gets what she deserves; Thomas realizes there\u2019s only one way to separate Hope from Liam"
"Ridge is visited by Detective Sanchez with regard to Thomas and Emma\u2019s death; Hope takes steps to get an annulment and to undo the adoption."
"Thomas becomes enraged when he learns Hope plans to annul their marriage; Brooke and Liam grow concerned that Thomas will stop at nothing to get Hope back."
"Ridge opens up to Brooke about what he believes is his greatest failure in life; Thomas lashes out at Douglas after Amelia brings the boy to him."
"Hope finds herself in danger when Thomas finds her at the cliff house; Ridge and Brooke each race to get to Hope and save her from Thomas."
"Tragedy strikes as Brooke works to save Hope from Thomas; Bill vows all those involved in keeping Beth from Liam will pay."
"Brooke and Ridge\u2019s marriage is at stake after he makes a terrible accusation; Liam tries to make Hope see that Thomas is responsible for the situation he is in."
"Shauna is hit hard by reality when she visits Flo in jail; Ridge expresses disbelief regarding Brooke\u2019s explanation and Thomas\u2019 actions."
"Shauna opens up to Quinn and asks her to help free Flo from jail; Ridge is livid to find Liam lashing out at an unconscious Thomas."
"Sally shares an unexpected kiss with Wyatt; Brooke grows concerned listening to Thomas answer Detective Sanchez\u2019s questions."
"Flo realizes the impact of her actions when Shauna visits her in jail; Brooke is stunned Ridge doesn\u2019t believe her version of events."
Season 33 - The Bold and the Beautiful
"Brooke leans on Eric after realizing Ridge did not come home last night; a hungover Ridge awakens next to a woman who is not his wife."
"Shauna and Ridge agree to keep their night together a secret; Katie informs Flo that she is not welcome."
"Brooke makes up with Ridge, but he withholds the truth about his night with Shauna; Flo is mortified to learn that Shauna harbors feelings for Ridge."
"Wyatt is compassionate when Flo professes her love and asks to be forgiven; Shauna asks Quinn to meddle in Wyatt's love life."
"Dollar Bill proves his love and commitment to Katie; Ridge makes a promise to Brooke in an attempt to repair his marriage."
"Wyatt proposes after making a decision between Sally and Flo; Bill declares his love to an unconscious Katie."
"Quinn wants Wyatt to dump Sally and choose Flo; As Katie\u2019s medical team seeks answers, her loved ones gather."
"Wyatt receives motherly love as only Quinn can give; Sally and Flo meet at Bikini Bar; Dr. Armstrong has bad news for Katie\u2019s family."
"Ridge catches Thomas having an unsupervised visit with Douglas; Flo becomes frustrated with her mother\u2019s fantasies about a life with Ridge."
"Shauna is there for Ridge as he faces a difficult decision."
"Ridge learns Shauna will support him when Brooke cannot; Thomas declares war on Brooke and the Logans."
"Bill warns Shauna to steer clear of the Logan women; Thomas manipulates Danny into giving Brooke shocking news that will harm her marriage."
"Shauna confesses she kissed Ridge when he was passed out cold; Brooke confronts Ridge about his night with Shauna."
"No description"
"No description"