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Lightning Point

When Zoey and KIki, two irrepressible girls from another galaxy become castaways in the quiet, Australian seaside town of Lightning Point, they recruit local girl Amber to keep them ...

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Lightning Point
"No description"
30 May 2012
"Kiki and Zoey are stranded on Earth. Just as they're starting to settle in at Amber's house, Zoey catches the eye of surf king Brandon - and when Brandon invites her to a barbeque, Zoey ..."
"No description"
04 Jun 2012
"When a surfing collision leaves Zoey with a broken board and a grudge against Brandon, Amber and Kiki will need to be on guard as Zoey discovers human anger can cause earthquakes. Literally!"
"No description"
06 Jun 2012
"Luca is smitten with Kiki and asks her out on a date. But when Kiki faces her true feelings for Luca, she'll need Amber's help to cover her 'glowing' reaction."
07 Jun 2012
"When a severe storm rolls over Lightning Point, Zoey becomes trapped in the lightning. It'll be up to Amber and Kiki to get Zoey out of the travelling storm before Luca discovers their secret and Zoey is lost forever."
"No description"
12 Jun 2012
"Zoey and Kiki find a Luminan energy field on Earth. When the girls test out the energy with their plasma card, a massive crop circle is carved out of the cane field. Luca now has all the ..."
13 Jun 2012
"With Luca and Brandon so close to their secret, Kiki, Zoey and Amber attend Brandon's 17th birthday party to keep an eye on them. But when Brandon chooses Zoey over Madison for a birthday ..."
14 Jun 2012
"While Kiki is distracted by her growing attraction to Luca, Zoey takes another look at the Luminan energy in the cane field. Zoey tests out whether she can send a signal home, but Brandon ..."
18 Jun 2012
"Zoey and Kiki are going home - they're sure of it. When the three girls return to the cane field to send the final signal, Amber discovers Luca and Brandon are sure of alien activity too. ..."
19 Jun 2012
"With Kiki's cover blown, the girls wait anxiously from a message from Lumina. But when Brandon finds his parents' missing boat mysteriously in the middle of the cane field, there are more ..."
20 Jun 2012
"After many weeks, a boat bearing no clues and no word from Lumina, Zoey throws herself into surfing. She's getting so good that Brandon is convinced Zoey can beat Madison in a surf contest ..."
"No description"
21 Jun 2012
"When Amber's surfer father Keith comes to town for her birthday, Amber is overwhelmed with excitement. But after Keith gives Amber the birthday present of her dreams - tickets to Hawaii to ..."
30 Oct 2012
"Kiki decides to show Luca a little of her alien magic - but instead unlocks a secret held on Brandon's boat - a token of Brandon's childhood, hidden by alien powers. Meanwhile, Brandon and Zoey grow closer, much to Zoey's confusion..."
30 Oct 2012
"When Brandon discovers the toy lighthouse from his past, it reveals another dark secret - a Plasma Card. Brandon's newfound powers scare and then excite him. How can he tell his girlfriend that he's found alien technology - and can use it?"
31 Oct 2012
"Zoey and Brandon are closer than ever, so when Amber suggests a house party to celebrate, everyone's excited. But when Brandon accidentally makes Madison disappear, Zoey and Kiki realize what this means - Brandon is half -Luminan!"
01 Nov 2012
"Zoey and Kiki are relieved to find out that Brandon can't use the card properly. Perhaps he'll never need to know their secret? But Brandon starts to remember moments from his childhood and finally discovers how to unleash his full power."
07 Nov 2012
"Zoey can't help but feel Brandon needs to know who she truly is. But before she can tell him, a dangerous lightning storm engulfs Lightning Point. Zoey has to choose between keeping her ..."
07 Nov 2012
"Brandon is furious with Zoey, Kiki, Amber and Luca for keeping the truth from him. When Luca tries to calm him down, Brandon creates a fire that makes Bandit bolt into the bush, leaving ..."
"No description"
14 Nov 2012
"When Brandon starts recharging too often, his body starts radiating extra alien energy - in the Diner! Zoey and Kiki will have to save him, but to do it, they'll need to reveal to Brandon who he really is..."
"No description"
21 Nov 2012
"Zoey and Kiki are going back to Lumina - Brandon's memories reveal that a space ship may sit cloaked above the ocean off the lighthouse. But Sgt Mitchell is close to the truth and Brandon ..."