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Legends of the Hidden Temple

Six teams compete through a series of physical and mental challenges as it narrows down to only one team given the privilege to enter a mysterious temple in order to retrieve an artifact ...

Genre: Animation

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1993

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - Legends of the Hidden Temple
"In the Moat, The teams had to cross on a raft by using King Tut's staff to cross.Silver Snakes, Orange Iguanas, Green Monkeys, and Blue Barracutas progressed. In Steps of Knowlege, Sliver Snakes flew through and The Green Monkeys progressed right Behind them. In the first game they played was the game when you had to crawl up the box, Sliver Monkeys won. In the next game they had to take a moon and climb up the slippery slope and put a moon on the felt pad on the top. Green monkeys won. In the last one they had to cooperate to jump up and down a small tower to build a telescope. Silver Monkeys won making them worthy to go into Olmecs temple.\n\nThe girl on their team went in first. She was doing good when she was quickly caught in the throne of the pretender.She was taken out later in The Shrine of the Silver Monkey. Jon dashed in and quickly reached the Shrine. HE had trouble remembering what to do but managed to assemble it with a minute left. He went down the elevator where the cannon"
"The red jaguars, green monkeys, orange iguanas, and the silver snakes made it past the moat. The artifact is located in the Holes of Python. The red jaguars and the orange iguanas made it past the Steps of Knowledge. The orange iguanas made it won the game with two pendants."
Season 2 - Legends of the Hidden Temple
Season 3 - Legends of the Hidden Temple
"The Red Jaguars beat out the Orange Iguanas with two pendants without Orange scoring anything"
"Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys and Orange Iguanas had make it through the mote. Then, Blue Barracudas and Green Monkeys pass the Steps of Knowledge. But the winner of The Temple Games, in the end, is the Blue Barracudas who earned 2 full pendants of life. In a shocking 3-minutes round in The Temple, the Blue Barracudas ended up losing only for a few seconds."