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онлайн игра за деньги без вложений

Онлайн игра за деньги без вложений

Prices are noted below for a double-occupancy overnight stay.

Get a voucher when you swipe your Grand Rewards card at any kiosk at Grand Casino Hinckley. Bring a friend, get out on the green, and make the most of your summer Mondays.

Just swipe your Grand Rewards card at the club house kiosk онлайн игра за деньги без вложений Monday in August, and a 2-for-1 voucher will be yours. Three other packages - the Par, the Eagle, and the Ultimate - offer varying levels of playing, staying, eating, and even gaming at the casino.

The Par Package includes a one-night stay and one round of golf with a cart. Please only show up for your tee time 20 minutes in advance. If there are others checking in, please wait outside. Only four Guests are allowed in the Club House at a time. If you are golfing in a larger ggbet слоты, please come in онлайн игра за деньги без вложений separate times.

Our seating area has been removed.

Before and after golfing, please do not congregate in the Club House or on the patio. Golf cart riders may ride two in a car if they are from the same онлайн игра за деньги без вложений, drove in the same vehicle to the course, or have been in close contact with the other golfer.

Single rider or walking is recommended. Rental clubs and rental pull carts are not available at this time. We ask for you to pay with a credit card if possible, but cash will be accepted. Driving range is open with proper distancing.

We will have hand sanitizer available at the entrance of our Club House. Rakes, water jugs, ball washers, trash cans, and benches have been removed. Do not touch flagsticks.]



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